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Environmental responsibility

We are committed to respecting our environment. Each acquisition is subject to verification by our environmental issue advisory board related to that acquisition.

Our approach is dynamic and we study at the impact of our projects on both today and the future

For our investments, and particularly in the hotel, villa and restaurant industry, we favor local organic products, short-distance produce delivery, energy-saving measures, and biodegradable materials as much as possible.

Social responsibility

In any business, people are the most valuable asset. We want to create the most positive and pleasant environment possible within Amavia Capital and its subsidiaries. We aim to provide the opportunity to look to the future, and to reward in a meritocratic way. Our priority is to ensure a balanced life for all staff, regardless of their seniority while upholding the highest standards.

Finally, for each investment, we analyze and anticipate the social impact of the project on the surrounding community.


Reputation is one of the main assets of an investor

Consequently, we are committed to conducting our activities according to the following principles:

- be fair and act with the highest ethical standards
- integrity and transparency
- join forces with partners who share our principles